How FoodSwitch Works

Packaged foods can often be high in salt, fat, sugar and kilojoules. Use FoodSwitch to see what’s in the food you’re eating and make better food choices when grocery shopping for you and your family.


FoodSwitch comes with handy filters to suit different health needs. 

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Use the autofocus camera on a supported smartphone or tablet to scan a packaged food’s barcode to get easy-to-understand nutritional information.

Traffic light labels show energy, saturated fat, sugar, and salt so you can see at a glance how healthy the food item is.

If you’re in GlutenSwitch mode, you’ll also get an indication of whether the scanned food product contains gluten or not. 

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When you scan a food product you’ll also get a list of healthier choices you can switch to.

No matter which filter you’re using, healthier choices are first identified by comparing the overall nutritional value of foods based on the Health Star Rating score algorithm, taking into account a range of different factors important to general health including saturated fat, sugars, salt, energy, protein, dietary fibre, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and legumes (FVNL) content, and for some products, calcium. 

If you’re using the SaltSwitch add on, the healthier choices listed must also have a lower amount of salt than the product you scanned. 

If you’re using GlutenSwitch, the healthier choices in GlutenSwitch include only gluten-free alternatives. 

healthier choices display


Add an item to a shopping list, or help us improve the app by reporting any potential issues. 

Save your healthy favourites on a shopping list ready to make the switch next time you shop.

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FoodSwitch Classic

This version is great for anyone looking to make overall healthier food choices. 


This add on is great for people with, or being treated for, high blood pressure. It is also useful for people with heart disease and kidney disease because it only lists healthier choices that have a lower amount of salt than the scanned product. 


This filter helps people living with coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance to identify gluten-free products. 


Gluten status


Contains gluten


Likely gluten-free. This product is not marketed as gluten free but has no gluten-containing ingredients listed on the label.


Gluten-free. This product is reported as gluten free by the manufacturer and/or is naturally gluten free. Please check the label.


Unknown. This product has not yet been classified as gluten free or not and its gluten status is unknown.


It also gives you gluten-free alternatives listed in order of how healthy they are.



Health Star Rating mode

In Health Star Rating (HSR) mode, you’ll get an idea of how healthy a product is by a star rating from 0.5 to 5 stars. The higher the star rating, the healthier the food is overall. 

Traffic Light Labelling mode

Traffic Light icons show how key component of a food rates using colours - low (green), medium (amber) or high (red) for total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Red is less healthy, Amber is OK and Green is a healthier choice.